We welcome you to our affiliate program! Our goal is to build a partnership that is beneficial for everyone involved. By participating in our program, you have the opportunity to increase your income while helping other businesses benefit from our services.

On this page you will find all the information you need to become part of our network. Our approach is straightforward and transparent - we want you to succeed and will support you with clear guidance, attractive commissions and a dedicated team.

Take a moment to learn more about our program and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Click on "Join" to sign up and become part of our growing network. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner and celebrating success together!

How do I become part of the affiliate program?

The first step to generating passive income is simple: Click on "Join". As soon as you click on "Join" and have signed the agreement, your account will be activated for the program and the menu item "Report company" will be visible in the portal. 

From there, you can easily enter the contact details of the companies you wish to report. You then refer these companies to our website, in particular to the possibility of making inquiries about electronic components.

How high is my passive income?

Your passive income depends on the number of companies you register and their turnover on materialboerse.de GmbH. In the first year, you will receive EUR 25 for each registered company that has paid an invoice of more than EUR 500 (net). In the following years, your earnings will increase to EUR 50 per registered company. The agreement ends automatically after 4 years.

What passive income can I expect?

Your passive income is calculated based on the turnover of the registered companies. If a reported company has paid an invoice for more than EUR 500 (net), you will receive the corresponding commission according to the specified amounts.

What does the agreement period include?

The agreement has a term of 4 years for each registered company. At the end of this period, the agreement ends automatically and you will not receive any further commission payments for this company.

Sample calculation

1. year:

  • Sie melden insgesamt 50 Unternehmen beim Affiliate-Programm an. Jedes dieser Unternehmen hat mindestens eine Rechnung von 500 EUR bezahlt.
    • Your commission is EUR 25 per registered company, which amounts to a total of EUR 1,250 for 50 companies.

2. year:

  • In the second year, you register a further 25 companies in addition to those already registered.
    • Your commission will continue to be EUR 25 per newly registered company, which corresponds to EUR 625.
  • Of the companies you reported in the first year, 20 companies generate a higher net turnover of EUR 1,000 each.
    • Your commission is an additional EUR 25 for each of these companies, which amounts to a further EUR 500.
  • In total, the new registrations and the increased turnover of the companies from the second year resulted in an income of EUR 1,625.

Subsequent years (3rd and 4th year):

  • In the following years, your commission remains stable, similar to the second year.
  • You will continue to receive EUR 25 for each newly registered company and an additional EUR 25 for each company from previous years with a net turnover of more than EUR 500.

In total, you will generate passive income of EUR 6,125 over the 4 years.

Total income by year

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time.

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